Purchase of dogs for work
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We buy dogs in the following categories:
Dogs and bitches of the following breeds:
- Alsatian (fetching and protection)
- Alsatian (only fetching, a copper or pcv pipe)- Belgian Malinois (fetching and protection)- Belgian Malinois (only fetching, a copper or pcv pipe).Dogs must be from 1 to 3 years old, in good health and well nourished.
We ourselves asses X-ray pictures (hips, spine, elbows).
Lacking teeth or teeth which are rubbed up to 60% as well as lack of testicles do not disqualify an animal.

Personality test
We examine dogs’ behaviour towards new people under new circumstances, traffic, rooms, on slippery floors (we check how dogs cope with stress).

Dogs must have innate disposition. We also pay attention to the length and persistence in carrying, the ability to concentrate and taking the fetch from hand.

We examine dogs’ behaviour towards a new person threatening the dog (a civilian), a grip of a bite-sleeve on a leash (reaction to the bamboo stick) and the chase over a distance of 50 m.
We appreciate dogs with defence instinct. The defence instinct is necessary to defend against something which in dog’s eyes might be dangerous. Some dogs have very little or no defence instinct. Then, in the situation of danger they try to avoid confrontation and they withdraw. This is an unacceptable attitude for police dogs.
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