About us

Dogs have been my passion since I was born. I made my first steps in dog training in the 80s, by my uncle’s side, who was a police guide. Yet, I was too young then to understand what working with dogs really meant.

I was not watchful enough to recognize dogs’ mood, their behaviour (growling, yelping, whining or barking), which is a basis for work with dogs in order to determine their character and emotional condition. Despite my young age, I knew what I really wanted to do. I can say that I have always been interested in dogs, and I have worked with them for many years. Just like people, dogs have different characters and tempers.

Some are joyful and ready to play, others are soft and calm, and others are excessively excitable and aggressive. Due to these factors, dogs cope with stress and challenge which work in police or other uniformed services brings in different ways. Dogs which I train, work everywhere – in America (K-9 Police), Asia, Africa and the whole Western Europe. My training centre buys dogs, they pass personality and health tests are trained for work in the police.
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