Whereas dog training is my job, my greatest passion is dogs breeding and getting to know dogs’ nature. Our breeding offers high class puppies. These are pedigree puppies which pass medical examination and vaccination before they leave our breeding. They descend from imported dogs, mostly from best German working dogs lines which have been trained as police or defence dogs for years. Recently, in the area of our breeding new kennels appeared. They offers dogs great conditions for growth and development, and for us are a chance to extend our breeding.
Gracy vom Erdbeerlord
O. Vito vom Waldwinkel
M. Debbie vom Erdbeerlord

Brunhilde vom Tatzelwurm
O. Asko von der Lutter
M. Donna von der Dellwiger Grenze



Alma Denix
O. Chasso Niox
M. Linda Denix

Lessy Anrebri
O. York Amrebri
M. Bishara Travnivkova Dvora

Grom Denix
O. Tom z Pohranicnicni Straze
M. Lessy Amrebri

Ikaro Niox
O. Ilko a.d. Königshöhle
M. Bajga z gratu
Fando van de Kevins Farm
O. Ibor von der Blitse Dune
M. Iza v.d. Spoorlanden


Certyfikat Rodowód Karta Fasco von Desis's Platz


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